Entrance mats

Besides top-quality standards, established over many years, we offer innovative, bespoke solutions: highly functional and individual, with expertise.

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Emco Plaza RCB

The toughest of all the robust solutions available. For picking up significant amounts of coarse and fine soiling in heavily frequented buildings.
Roll-up, extremely hard-wearing entrance mat for heavy loads, for supported and self-supporting laying. Can be rolled over and also driven over by pallet trucks and goods vehicles. The special profile shape and height enable more dirt to be collected between the profiles. Mats produced to fit width and walking depth specifications perfectly, without the need for adjustment profiles. Any geometric shape is available, cut through the bristle bundles if necessary.


Technical details:

Approx. height (mm) 42
Standard profile clearance approx. (mm) 5 mm, rubber spacers
Approx. material thickness (mm) 2,5 mm
Weight (kg/m²) 26,4
Stationary load kg/100cm² 4500 
Slip resistance R 11 slip resistance as per DIN 51130