Carpet tiles

Carpet tiles are renowned for their aesthetic styling and outstanding performance in the most demanding heavy traffic environments.

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Forbo Tessera Loop pile Layout & outline

Featuring a contemporary palette of 32 colours with 8 co-ordinated stripes, our Tessera Layout and Outline carpet tiles offer numerous possibilities for creative inspiration in any flooring scheme.
The dynamic colour palette of Layout is hugely versatile featuring a comprehensive choice of modern neutrals in combination with diverse and directional brighter shades. Colours can be used independently or in combination to achieve a myriad of interior styles.
Outline is a subtly textured striped loop pile carpet tile with each colourway perfectly matched to 2 Layout colours. Combinations of Outline and Layout allow complete freedom of expression creating connections, highlights and transitions enhancing any style of scheme.


Technical details:

Storis (mm) 5,8
Ilgis x plotis 50 cm x 50 cm
100 cm x 25 cm